The following parameters have been established with respect to debit cards.

A.Qualifications for a Card
1.You must be a member of the Credit Union for a minimum of three months.
2.Have a satisfactory record with the Credit Union.
3.No debit cards will be issued to members under the age of 18.
4.The Credit Union reserves the right to deny a debit card to any member; and any misuse or abuse of the debit card may result in closing the debit card at the discretion of the President.
B.Card Distribution
1.Members having Share Draft Accounts in good standing will fill out Debit Card Request Form to receive card.
2.members opening new Share Draft Accounts will choose to have debit card sent (card will not automatically be sent with each new share draft account).
3.Both members on joint accounts must choose to have card sent.
4.Member will be encouraged to apply for overdraft protection.
C.Daily Limitations
1.Daily ATM cash limit on each card is $355.00.
2.Daily exception parameters are 10 transactions or $1,500, whichever comes first. Additional transactions will be approved but will show up on a list of suspicious activity.
3.ATM/VISA stand-in limit is $210.00.
D.Members Responsibility
1.To notify Certegy/Credit Union immediately of any lost or stolen cards to ensure protection of the member's account. The Lost/Stolen Debit Card Hotline phone number is (800) 543-5073;
2.Responsible for up to the first $50.00 if the card is lost or stolen as long as the card is reported lost or stolen within two days of discovery. Liability increases to $500.00 if the lost or stolen debit card is reported within 60 days. Failure to report within 60 days after bank statement is sent could lose everything in checking and overdraft account(s). In case of loss, provisional credit will be given within two business days of reporting and will remain in effect until further research is completed on claim; and
3.Although Visa Debit card transactions are free and unlimited, members will be responsible for the following fees:
a.$2.00 for each ATM transaction over five in any given month, except no fees will be incurred by using the Credit Union ATM in the Home Office.
b.$15.00 for each transaction for overdrafts and returned items; and
c.Any fees that might be assessed by the servicing ATM.
E.Fraud Control
1.Expiration date checks will be done on all foreign and domestic transactions, swiped or manual. The transactions will be declined if the card is expired.
2.Card must be activated using the element chosen on the parameter list (Social Security number) before it can be used at any location.
3.Cards will appear on the "Not Activated Card Report" for 30 days.
4.Certegy will be responsible for receiving all lost/stolen cardholder call requests during normal business hours.
5.Certegy will generate PIN mailers on NEW accounts only.
6.All undeliverable PIN mailers will be returned to the Credit Union.
F.Reissue of Cards
1.Cards will be automatically reissued prior to the current expiration date.
2.Cards are valid for 24 months.
G.Chargebacks and Adjustments
1.Visa Chargebacks and Adjustments will be handled by Certegy.
H.Policy Changes
1.Policies and fees are subject to change by the Board of Directors; and
2.Members will be notified of any changes that affect their account.
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