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Credit Union declares 4th quarter dividends

The Shelter Credit Union board of directors announced that the Credit Union will pay dividends of .20% APR  on share (savings) accounts, and 0.05% APR on checking accounts over $500, in the 4th quarter of 2017 (October, November and December, 2017).


Credit Union Annual Meeting set for February 12

The 61st Annual Meeting of the Shelter Insurance Federal Credit Union will be held in the Cafeteria of the Shelter Insurance Companies Home Office, 1817 West Broadway, Columbia, Missouri, at 7:00 p.m., Monday, February 12, 2018.

The order of business will be as follows:

  1. Determination of a quorum
  2. Minutes of the last annual meeting
  3. Report of the Board of Directors
  4. Report of the Treasurer
  5. Report of the Credit Committee
  6. Report of the Supervisory Committee
  7. President’s Report and remarks
  8. Unfinished business
  9. New business
  10. Elections
  11. Adjournment

Minutes from the last annual meeting will be available on the SIFCU website and will also be distributed at the annual meeting.

We will continue the tradition of door prizes being given away during the meeting; and refreshments will be served after the meeting.  All members of the Credit Union are invited, and we look forward to good attendance and participation in the annual meeting.

—David Vandyke, Secretary-Board of Directors


A Credit Union Holiday Cash Loan can help with those holiday expenses


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Credit Union members meet for 60th annual meeting

The 60th Annual Meeting of the Shelter Insurance Federal Credit Union was held in the Home Office Cafeteria at 7:00 p.m., Monday, February 13, 2017.


Above:  Jacki Swank, Credit Union president, welcomed all members and guests  and introduced the board and committee members.

Below:  Ryan Tate (top left), chairperson of the board of directors, presided over the meeting.  The following reports were presented:

Jon Imhoff, secretary, presented the minutes of the 2016 annual meeting. Lyn Scrivner, treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report.  Lisa Brock (top right), chair of the credit committee, reported on 2016 loan requests and approvals.  Brian Trenhaile (bottom), chair of the supervisory committee, reported on the internal operations of the Credit Union and compliance during 2016.



In other meeting business, Credit Union board members Wade Forsythe, Doug McClure, Al Finley and Stacye Smith were returned to terms on the Board of Directors with a voice vote of the membership in attendance.   In addition, Jennifer Tade and David Vandyke were elected to the board of directors, taking the place of Bruce Meentemeyer and Jim Tuley who retired from the board in December.

2017 officers

Following the adjournment of the business meeting, board members reconvened to elect officers for the coming year with the following officers being named:

  • Tina Workman  —  Chairperson
  • Jon Imhoff  —  Vice-Chairperson
  • David Vandyke  —  Secretary
  • Lyn Scrivner  —  Treasurer

Below:  Following the business meeting, attendees were rewarded with attendance prizes.  Young members had their choice of gifts displayed on the prize table, while lucky adult members were able to choose a gift certificate for a local business.




60th Annual Meeting Minutes


Shelter Federal Credit Union Annual Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2017

 The 60th annual meeting of the Shelter Federal Credit Union was called to order at 7:07 p.m. on February 13, 2017, by the Credit Union President, Jacki Swank.

Jacki welcomed all members and guests to the 60th Annual Meeting of the Shelter Federal Credit Union. Jacki introduced herself as the President of Shelter Federal Credit Union and recognized former President, Urb Molitor who retired January 3, 2017.  She introduced the board and committee members and thanked them for their hard work.  She emphasized the good fortune of having a very stable board with minimal turnover in members and how important it is for consistent leadership.  Jacki also recognized two board members who went off the board in 2016, Jim Tuley and Bruce Meentemeyer.

Jacki talked about the three committees that help the Credit Union maintain a strong financial position. The Asset Liability committee consists of six board members having the important function of measuring and managing the various risks of the Credit Union including recommending changes to our rates, dividend payments and investment policies.  She listed the members on the Committee, including advisory committee member, Gary Ford, whose insight and vast knowledge is greatly appreciated.  The remaining two committees that complete the governing body of the Credit Union are the Supervisory and Credit committees.   She explained the Supervisory Committee oversees the various areas of compliance during the year.  The Credit Committee is by far the most active, meeting twice a week to review loan requests.  Jacki thanked the committee members for all they do.

She extended a special welcome to all of the retirees in attendance, in particular Terry Pauley as a charter member of the Credit Union. Keeping in tradition she recognized the past presidents Urb Molitor, Fred Pistel and Linnie Kalif in attendance.  Lastly, she recognized the heart of the Credit Union, its employees and introduced them.

Jacki thanked Patty Colvin-Monning and Facilities and Services for their support in setting up the room and Bill Goings for preparing the refreshments.  Jacki then turned the meeting over the Chairman of the Board, Ryan Tate.  Ryan declared a quorum and thanked Jacki and the Credit Union staff for all they do.  Ryan presented the minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting and on a motion from Lyn Scrivner and a second from Erma Pauley, the minutes were approved by a voice vote of the membership.

Ryan introduced Treasurer, Lyn Scrivner, who presented the 2016 financial statements and on a motion from Terry Pauley and second from Paul LaRose the treasurer’s report was approved.  A copy of the financials can be found in the Original Minutes Book.

Ryan introduced Lisa Brock, who presented the Credit Committee’s report.  A copy of the report can be found in the Original Minutes Book.

Ryan introduced Brian Trenhaile, who presented the Supervisory report.  A copy of the report can be found in the Original Minutes Book.

On a motion from Lyn Scrivner and a second by Paul LaRose, the Committee Reports were approved by a voice vote of membership.

Ryan re-introduced Jacki Swank to present the President’s Report.

President’s Report

  • Jacki noted loan volume continued to increase during 2016 and the quality continued to be very good. There was a 3% increase in applications with an 87% approval rate. She noted the Credit Union will continue to keep strong amounts in our reserve in case of future losses.
  • Jacki noted Credit Union CD investment rates are beginning to rise, therefore investment income should continue to increase in 2017.
  • The long term investments of mortgage backed securities continue to be important to our portfolio earning good returns. In 2016 our long term investments made up about 31% of our total investment portfolio, yet they generated 49% of our investment income.
  • Jacki stated she looked forward to a prosperous 2017 and thanked the membership.

Jacki concluded the meeting and turned it back over to Ryan Tate.

Old Business

Ryan opened the floor to any old business and there was none.

New Business

Ryan reintroduced Treasurer Lyn Scrivner to present the 2017 budget.

Ryan reported there were four vacancies on the Board and the nominees were:  Stacye Smith, Al Finley, Doug McClure and Wade Forsythe.  Two board members also left their terms early in 2016 with replacement members, Jennifer Tade and David Van Dyke assuming their positions.  All six members were on the ballot.  There were no additional nominees from the floor.  Jon Imhoff moved the nominees be accepted by acclamation, Erma Pauley seconded the motion, and the nominees were accepted with a voice vote of the membership.

Paul Scrivner moved the meeting be adjourned, Lyn Scrivner seconded and, with a voice vote of the membership, the meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.  The Credit Union Staff coordinated the distribution of door prizes.

Respectively submitted,

3-15-2017 1-52-05 PM

Ryan Tate, Chair

3-15-2017 1-52-38 PM

Jon Imhoff, Secretary

*  Minutes of prior annual meetings are available by request directed to the Credit Union president.



Credit Union members receive a discounted loan rate on company car purchases

If you’re in the market to buy a dependable, economical and affordable Shelter company fleet car, then the Shelter Insurance Federal Credit Union can help make your buying experience even more affordable with the Shelter Fleet Vehicle Loan Discount, which is available to all Credit Union members.

Your Credit Union’s special discounted rate of 0.5% off currently posted vehicle loan rates is available to members on the purchase of any company fleet vehicle—those sold by auction bid and those sold by listed price.

You’re not a Credit Union member? It takes only a few minutes and $5 to join!
Joining the Credit Union is as simple as completing an application and submitting $5 dollars!   Begin taking advantage of numerous benefits of Credit Union membership now.   Members of your immediate family who are living in the same household are eligible to join and receive full membership benefits, as well. To obtain a Membership Application and more information about membership, drop by the Credit Union at the Home Office or contact a staff member of the Credit Union at 573-214-4207.

The Purchasing Department has Shelter fleet vehicles for sale frequently and the offering of available vehicles changes often.   For additional information about purchasing a company vehicle, please contact Rhonda Monnig at 573-214-4175

After you select a vehicle, then visit the Credit Union and complete a vehicle loan application as you would with any other vehicle.

As noted by the Purchasing Department, all vehicles are sold on an “as is, where is” basis and Shelter Insurance Companies makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. All vehicles are located in Columbia, Mo., and the purchaser is responsible for transportation of the vehicle.





Get cash with your Credit Union Debit Card at Central Bank of Boone County ATMs

News for Shelter Credit Union Debit Card holders: You can withdraw funds using your Shelter Credit Union Debit Card from any of the 26 Central Bank of Boone County ATM locations in Central Missouri with NO transaction fee.

You may get cash and check your balance, but deposits to your Shelter Credit Union account CANNOT be made at Central Bank of Boone County ATMs.

Columbia ATM Locations:
West Broadway & Worley – 1005 W. Worley
Downtown – 720 E. Broadway
Downtown – 15 S. 8th St.
The Heidelberg – 410 S. 9th St.
MU Student Center
UMC Hospital – One Hospital Dr.
Forum – Forum Blvd. & Forum Katy Parkway
Stadium Shoppes – 301 N. Stadium
Columbia Mall – 2 locations inside Columbia Mall
Keene – 900 N. Keene
Midway – 6401 W. Hwy. 40

Columbia Banks/Drive-Thru/ATM:
Motor Bank – 203 Walnut
Village Bank – 1916 Paris Rd. (Rt. B)
South County – ASHLAND – 405 E. Broadway
West Broadway – 2711 W. Broadway
Keene Financial Center – 205 S. Keene St.
Smiley Lane – 1009 Smiley Ln.
Rock Bridge – 505 E. Nifong
Woodrail Centre – 1000 W. Nifong
Lake of the Woods – 5614 E. St. Charles Rd.

Area Banks/Drive-Thru/ATM:
Hallsville – 105 Route B
Sturgeon – 117 N. Ogden St.
Centralia – 216 W. Railroad St.
Boonville Downtown – 416 E. Spring St.
Boonville West – 1920 Legends Ave.

Shelter Insurance Federal Credit Union Anti-Phishing Policy

WHAT IS PHISHING? In simple terms, phishing is online identity theft. Commonly, phishers send e-mail messages that appear to come from a trusted source, like a credit union, a bank, or a credit card company, and try to trick people into divulging their passwords, account numbers, or other confidential information. People fall prey to the schemes because they believe they are interacting with a company that they trust.

THE SHELTER INSURANCE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION has adopted the following email policy to combat such schemes. Our email transactions:

  • will never ask members for account numbers or social security numbers
  • will never include members account numbers unless authorized by member
  • will never ask members to verify information via e-mail unless contact initiated by member
  • will never include links to other sites
  • will never include a form, or post a form which asks members to verify any information

It is the intent of the Shelter Insurance Federal Credit Union Board of Directors to have this policy distributed to the membership on a regular basis.